Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day One: We did it! We got the puppy.

So yesterday, on Saturday the 25th, we picked up our new little puppy-head. He's adorable, 4 pounds and fluffy as can be. He's a Havanese, known for being bred solely as companion dogs. Cuban in origin, they don't get beyond about 12 pounds as an adult.

Here's the catch to getting the dog..... I'm allergic. Yes, that's right. I decided to go on an adventure (ahem) for the sake of my family. I am the only person in the house that is allergic and I want my kids to have the dog they have always wanted. I'm taking a risk, a big risk, to see if I can live with a companion dog and still be able to breathe freely (mostly). This is my journey. My Allergic Adventures in Dogland. I will post my personal findings (trials, tribulations, successes) as I live with my puppy as well as any research and resources that I find useful to others living with pets and allergies. Assuming anyone is actually reading this...

Alors, let the fun begin!

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